Destination: Brazil 2014


Recife is a Brazilian city with the 5th largest metropolitan area in the country, having about 3,743,854 residents. It is also the largest populated area in the northern region of Brazil. The city is… Read more..

Estadio Castelao

A Fortress The Estádio Plácido Aderaldo Castelo, also known as the Castelão will be a major venue for the 2014 World Cup. It will host a total of six matches including four group stage matches, a… Read more..

World Cup Blog & News

Keeping an Eye on World Cup Qualifying Odds

14.08.15 News
The qualifying rounds for the upcoming World Cup 2018 are in full swing and so are the books for the odds on some of the best international soccer around. The BBC reports that the 2018 World Cup… Read more..
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Betting on sports

15.08.13 World Cup Blog
Nowadays, online betting is one of the most popular ways to bet to your favorite soccer teams all around the world. You can either enter your betting picks before the start of a match (or even more)… Read more..

World Cup History latest news

Hans Krankl

Hans Krankl, also known as Johann Krankl. He was born on14 February 1953 in Vienna, and was a professional and now retired Austrian footballer. He also took part in different managerial levels, the… Read more..
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1950 Brazil World Cup

After the end of WWII, FIFA held its first meeting in Luxembourg in 1946 and decided that Brazil should organize the 4th World Cup Competition. It was Latin America’s turn to host this great… Read more..

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