Sepp Maier

Written by Sebastien on 12 April 2013. Posted in World Cup Legends

Sepp Maier who is known as Josef Dieter "Sepp" Maier was born on 28 February 1944. He was a legendary German goalkeeper. Maier was given the nickname of "Die Katze von Anzing" or "the cat from Anzing". This was in reference to his fast reflexes in matters of catching balls from all angles. The fact that he played for only one team (Bayern Munich) at his whole career is a true achievement. He started by playing for the youth team of this club back in 1958. He proceeded on with his skills until the 1970s, where he was part of the popular and legendary Bayern team together with Franz Beckenbauer and Gerd Müller. This team led them to win three European Cups in a row, and this was one of the first German records to date. From 1966 and 1979 he took part in 442 consecutive Bundesliga matches, which to date is still a record for Bundesliga.

In the 1974 FIFA World Cup he managed to reach the top of the world, as Germany managed to defeat Netherlands in the Final match of the tournament in Munchen.

He was also part of the german team in 1978 World Cup in Argentina, and even though the team did not qualify to the second round, his abilities were still visible. He has won a number of different championships, which includes the 1972 European Championship with the West Germany, and managed the final appearance in 1976. So far, during his career, he had the chance to earn 95 caps for his country.

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