Written by Sebastien on 23 December 2012. Posted in Cities

Brasilia and Federal District came to existence because of an ambitious project that was developed for the development of urban area in Brazil, and was started by their President Juscelino Kubitschek. The architecture for this entire project was designed by architects Oscar Niemeyer, Lúcio Costa and landscape architect Burle Marx. The development of this city was completed in 41 months.

One of the statesmen of Brazil, José Bonifácio, gave the idea to have a capital city inside the area of country in 1823. He thought that having the capital moved from Rio de Janerio will be profitable and practical as it’ll centralize the governance of country and will be used to better manage the inside resources. This idea remained unused until few years later when a Salesian priest from Italy arrived to Brazil leading a new civilization. His area of civilization was between the 15th and 20th parallels. This was duly noted by the Brazil government and they finally allocated a capital city in this area in 1891.

It was the French people because of whom the development in Rio de Janeiro began, as the Portuguese spent most of their times in other cities like Salvador and Sao Paulo and came to Rio a several years later. The Portuguese sailors established a number of forts to increase their ability to fight against other countries and keep them limited to the bay area. At the same time the French were also interested into trade with Brazil especially for the brazilian wood for which it is now known. In year 1550, there was a settlement made between France and Portugal for the area of Brazil known as La France Antarctique (Antarctic France).

But even after allocating the idea of capital city in Brasilia, nothing good happened to make this a reality until as late as 1955. After 150 years of delay on this, President Kubitschek finally gave orders to demolish the Federal District from the Goias state and make a new capital in Brasilia. With the work of millions of peasants from around the country, the capital city was developed in nearly 3 years. On April 21, 1960 Brasilia became the official capital of Brazil.

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