Arena de Sao Paulo

Cidade da Garoa

As the days are counted down to the greatest sporting event in the planet, the World Cup 2014, São Paulo is all set to handle millions of spectators from around the globe who will visit this great city. São Paulo is by far the biggest city in Brazil. It is the seventh largest city in the world and the largest in the southern hemisphere. In its history, the city was always regarded as a great affinity for football with some of the biggest clubs of the country having their home at São Paulo: FC Sao Paulo, Santos FC, Palmeiras and Corinthians. What better place to host some of the biggest matches of the World Cup?

The Itaquera Arena

And what better stadium to host the opening match of the World Cup than the proposed Arena de São Paulo, otherwise known as the Itaquera Arena after the area where it is located. Expected to be finished by December 2013, Arena de São Paulo will be the stage for six World Cup matches in total, including four group stage matches, a quarter final and a semi final. It will also host the opening match, featuring Brazil.

Construction and Infrastructure

Designed by architect Anibal Coutinho, the stadium will hold a maximum capacity of 68,000 and is expected to cost R$820 million. The public transport to and from the stadium is provided by two train stations, a subway and a bus terminal. The stadium construction has shown an affinity towards reusable sources of energy with part of the electricity used for its operation to be generated by photovoltaic cells installed on the stadium roof. There will also be alternative power supply lines provided and generators for emergency.

There will also be a surprise for World Cup fans who do not manage to find a ticket to enter the stadium. The entire eastern wall of the stadium will be converted to a gigantic TV screen for them to enjoy the game and soak in the atmosphere. It is technically named the big screen high definition video board and will be the largest of its kind (dimensions: 120 metres X 7.5 metres). The high definition resolution and picture clarity is bound to drive the huge crowds that will throng the World Cup matches crazy.


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