1958 Sweden World Cup

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The football World Cup 1958 lasted from 8th to 29th of June that year in Sweden. It is one of the most interesting chapters of the  FIFA World Cup history. There were again 16 teams selected to compete in the World Cup in Sweden. Germany being defending champion and Sweden being the host, were the must two. There were 9 teams from Europe and 3 teams from South America. Centeral America and Asia/Africa both had one team of their region respectively.

There was a change in the format from the football World Cup 1954. Although, this time there were 16 teams in 4 groups (each one having four), but each team had to play with every other team in the group at least one match. The extra-time was excluded in case of a draw and the winning team got 2 points and draw gave a single point to a team.


The groups were the following:

Pool 1: Argentina, Northern Ireland, West Germany, Czechoslovakia.
Pool 2: France, Scotland, Paraguay, Yugoslavia.
Pool 3: Sweden, Wales, Hungary, Mexico.
Pool 4: Brazil, England, Austria, Soviet Union.

There was this last game of Brazil in group 4 in which they defeated Soviet Union by 2 goals to nil. Brazil had previously drawn a match with England and this was a first time ever in the history of World Cup that a game been played without a single goal. So the play-off game was held between Austria and England. Anatoli Ilyin scored for Austria and the England was eliminated. Austria was already out of the game being the lowest points achiever in the group.

Yugoslavia and France played brilliantly in group 2. Yugoslavia came at second position and Just Fontain of France scored six goals making his team top the group. Scotland and Paraguay could not impress the audience with their performance and were eliminated at the end.

The defending champions, West Germany, continued their legacy and made their position for the quarter finals. Czechoslovakia was defeated by the Northern Ireland and was eliminated. So the Ireland and Germany moved up to the quarter finals from the group 1. In group 3, Sweden (host) and Wales topped the group to qualify for the quarter finals.
Fontain scored two goals for France defeating Northern Ireland. West Germany triumphed over the Yugoslavia when Helmut Rahn scored one and only goal of the match. Sweden succeeded against Soviet Union and Brazil was victorious against Wales with an all-round performance.

In the Semi-finals the defending champions, West Germany faced the defeat from Sweden by 3-1. While, in the match of Brazil and France, Fontain scored one more impressive goal but Brazil won the match with 5 goals to 2 against France and marched for their road to the World Cup Final in Sweden. In the battle to stand for 3rd position France defeated Germany by 6 goals to 3.

The Final of World Cup in Sweden 1958 was held at Rasunda stadium in Solna. The crowd of 50,000 people from all over the world came to see this exciting and thrilling game. Soon after three minutes, Brazil scored their first goal against Sweden to put tremendous pressure on the opponent team. But the swedes replied with a goal to level the score and another to declare their lead before the first half ended. In the second half, Pele scored two goals one after another providing Brazil a strong position to play on. Zgallo also scored to make Brazil stand firm for the victory. Sweden was unable to score a single goal in the second half.

Did you know that....

Along with the only appearance of Sweden in the World Cup final, Pele was the youngest scorer and player in the World Cup Final and same to win a World Cup’s Winner medal.

This World Cup also had the highest victory margin of 3 goals.

It was the first time when Brazil had the chance to hold up the World Cup 1958 for their own country.

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