Goal-line technology in World Cup 2014

Written by Sebastien on 27 November 2012. Posted in News

FIFA has already decided the use of goal-line technology in FIFA Club World Cup, which is going to take place in Tokyo. If everything goes well and the new technology passes this testing procedure, the most possible scenario is that we are going to see goal-line technology in World Cup 2014.

Hawk-Eye and GoalRef are the two innovative systems that FIFA is going to use.  Hawk-Eye is using six cameras to identify the exact location of the ball in the field and focuses on each goal, in order to indicate if the ball crossed the line or not.

GoalRef is using a microchip implanted on the ball and low magnetic fields around the goal. Then, the system is able to detect any change in the magnetic field. It takes only one second for the system to inform th referee if the ball crossed the line.

According to FA, Premier League is going to use the new technology as soon as possible.

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