Sao Paulo

Written by Sebastien on 16 February 2013. Posted in Cities

Sao Paulo is the capital of the Sao Paolo state in Brazil. It is the largest city in the country and is located at the southern hemisphere. The city and its metropolitan area have a significant influence at political, economical and cultural levels in the country and also worldwide. The economy of Sao Paulo is the second largest one, by GDP, in Brazil and Latin America.

Sao Paulo is also an important tourist destination because it is home to important monuments, museums and parks and it also hosts numerous events every year. The city is renowned for its cuisine (there are over 12.000 restaurants in Sao Paolo), for its architecture and skyscrapers, but also for traffic congestions and unpredictable weather.

Sao Paulo is the financial capital of Brazil and it has the 10th largest GDP in the world. Its economy is undergoing a major transformation because it used to be based mainly on industry, but nowadays services and commerce are becoming more and more important. Numerous international corporations have headquarters in Sao Paolo and the largest concentration of German businesses worldwide can be found here. The downside of its boosting economy is the fact that Sao Paolo is the 10th most expensive city to live in, worldwide. The sector of luxury goods is well represented in the city and 70% of all luxury goods sold in Brazil is in fact commercialized in Sao Paolo. There are numerous high-end malls here where locals and tourists alike can shop from famous brands like Chanel, Luis Vuitton, Kate Spade, Prada, Rolex, Swarovski, Armani, Hugo Boss, Panerai, Burberry and numerous others.

Sao Paulo hosts an incredible number of events every year (90.000). The Sao Paolo Art Biennale for instance attracted almost 1 million visitors in 2004. The Sao Paolo Fashion week is the most important fashion event in Latin America. Worldwide famous top models are invited and the fashion industry in Brazil highly appreciates the opportunity to promote their products. The Sao Paolo Gay Pride Parade is one of the largest such parades in the world and it is believed that it has attracted 3.5 visitors in 2010. The event is held yearly in June and it is meant to raise awareness of the community in concerning sexual minorities and to fight discrimination. Other important events in Sao Paolo include the carnival, the Sao Paolo Pancake Cook-Off, the International Film Festival, the Festival of Electronic Art, the Cultural Turn and many others.

Sao Paulo is an important cultural hub and tourists can enjoy numerous music halls, art galleries and museums. The most important museums in the city include, but are not limited to Museu Paulista, Memorial da America Latina, Museu da Arte, Museu da Zoologia, Memorial do Imigrante, etc. Tourists shouldn’t miss important landmarks in Sao Paolo such as Paulista Avenue, Mercado Municipal, Sao Paolo Cathedral and skyscrapers like Banespa Building or Edificio Italia. Nature enthusiasts can enjoy numerous parks located in the city. Some of them have an impressive size.

Gastronomy in Sao Paolo is very well represented. There are over 60 cuisines here and over 12.000 restaurants ranging from luxurious ones to fast food chains. An impressive variety of pubs, bars and discos are also available for locals and tourists looking for fun.

As it is the case all over Brazil, football is also a very popular sport in Sao Paulo. There are three major football teams in Sao Paolo (the Palmeiras, Sao Paolo FC and the Corinthians) known as the Iron Trio. The city also has one medium football club and two minor ones. Sao Paolo is going to be one of the Brazilian cities which will be hosting the 2014 World Cup. Arena Itaquera, the Corinthians stadium, might be hosting the opening of the tournament.

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