1970 Mexico World Cup

Written by Sebastien on 13 December 2012. Posted in World Cup History

The 1970 World Cup  was the 9th FIFA World Cup and was held from 31st May to 21st June that year. The World Cup tournament was hosted in North America by Mexico. It was first time in the football World cup history that the tournament was held outside of South America and Europe. The world cup in Mexico was won by Brazil by a score of 4 goals to one against Italy.

There were a total of 75 teams enlisted to qualify from which 16 were selected. Morocco was first time selected in the football World Cup history and the first time ever nation from Africa to play a World Cup Tournament. Spain, Argentina, France, Hungary and Portugal failed to qualify for the World Cup.

The format of the game was similar to that of the FIFA World Cup 1966. There were total of 16 teams in 4 groups. Winning a match gave 2 points and 1 point for a draw. The teams with the greatest points lead to the next level. It was first time that the goal difference was used instead of the goal average.

In the quarter finals, Mexico was defeated by Italy by 4 goals to one.italy was one goal behind when Gustavo Pena equalized the score by an own goal in the first the second half Italy was more than just difficult to handle resulting in three more goals from the Italy. Brazil was again up to the standard and won the match against Peru by a score of 4-2.

Uruguay and the Soviet Union was goalless until five minutes from the end of extra time, when Victor Esparrago struck to send the South Americans through. There was this huge match between England the defending champion and West Germany when incident happened: the England’s goalkeeper had food poisoning just before the start of the match. It almost had no effect on England when they were two goals ahead of Germany in the second Half. It was the 68th minute when Beckenbauer from Germany scored for his team. With the goal Germans started to buil up momentum and within no time there was another goal to equalize the score. The reign of England being World Champions ended in the extra time with a goal from Germany.

Semifinals were a great delight to watch, Germany against Italy and Brazil vs Uruguay. It was a 3-1 defeat for Uruguay from Brazil. The game was evenly matched but Uruguay found the Brazilian attack too much to defend and Brazil went through to the World Cup Final 1970. In the second semifinal between Germany and Italy, the Germans found themselves a goal behind within the first 8 minutes of the game. Italy had a strong defense and it took much time and struggle for the germans to equalize the score. The match went into the extra time and first goal was put in by Gerd Mόller from Germany. Soon Italy replied to equalize the score within the extra time. In the 111th minute of the game Italy scored again to confirm the victory over Germany.

It was the final match of the World Cup 1970 in Mexico and Brazil was the first to strike. In the 18 minute of the game it was Pelι’s cross header that provided Brazil the lead. Due to some blunders in the Brazilian defense Roberto was able to equalize for Italy. The second half being much crucial, Brazil put all their creativity and effort into the game which was too much for Italy to bear. It was a powerful shot by Gιrson from Brazil that scored giving his team a lead of 2-1. Soon after that, Pelι scored for Brazil and confirmed the victory for Brazil. This goal from Pelι is one of the most beautiful goals in the FIFA World Cup history. It was the Third time that the Brazil won the football World Cup and they were given this right to hold the Jules Rimet Trophy permanently for their country.

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