1934 Italy World Cup

Written by Sebastien on 13 November 2012. Posted in World Cup History

In 1932, Italy and Sweden are claiming the organization of the next World Cup. The Swedes have not yet managed to get out of the economic crisis due to the crash of 1929, while Benito Mussolini (dictator of Italy at the time) makes sure that not only the state has the financial strength, but also the necessary sports infrastructure in order to host such an event.

Italy is decided to finally host the World Cup in 1934. Uruguay, the host and winner of the previous tournament refused to take part in the second World Cup as a "response" to the non-participation of many European countries in its own organization.

Logically, the dictator saw the World Cup as a good opportunity to implement the propaganda of the fascist regime. By mandate, facilities and stadiums were built quickly and were considered modern at the time. Meanwhile, the "Duce" decides to have the whole tournament covered through radio broadcasts for the first time in World Cup History, aiming of course in becoming known all around the world.

For the first time in the history of the World Cup qualifiers conducted to know the 16 teams that will take part. On May 27, the event begins with the Italians to triumph over the U.S. by 7-1! It is worth noting that the Italian team was not purely .. Italian, as the dictator decides with fascist law that "Italian" shall be considered who was born to Italian parents. So, Uruguayans  Orsi and Gkouaita as well as Argentines De Maria and Monty were "baptized" Italians.

The coach of the Italian team, Vittorio Pozzo, is the man that will eventually lead his team to the final against Czechoslovakia, which was "marked" by the Nazi salute from Italian footballers to the official platform before the start of the match. After extra time, Italy wins by 2-1 and is declared as the World Champion. Mussolini will bring the trophy to the captain of the Italian team, Giampiero Compi, “stamping” the great victory of the fascist regime.

Did you know that ..

Luis Monti is the only player in the history of the World Cup that managed to compete in two consecutive finals with two different national teams! In 1930 playing for Argentina and four years later with Italy's Vittorio Pozzo!

Egypt became the first African country to participate in the final stage of the World Cup.

Brazilians spent eleven full days traveling by boat to get to Italy, but were eliminated only from their first game against Spain.

The stadium that hosted the final was called Partita Nazionale Fascista (PNF) and in translation, National Fascist Party. After the fall of Fascism in Italy it was renamed "Flaminio" and was the home of Lazio and AS Roma until the construction of the "Olympico" for the Olympic Games in Rome.

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