1966 England World Cup

Written by Sebastien on 13 December 2012. Posted in World Cup History

FIFA World Cup 1966 was the 8th international Football World Cup, held from 11th to 30th of July that year. England was fortunate enough to be elected as a host for the World Cup in the FIFA congress held in Rome in 1960. The Hosting team was also the 1996 World Cup in England’s winner and claimed the title of the World Champions for the first time in Football World Cup history.

A total of 16 African countries boycotted the qualification tournament and there were a total of 70 nations striving to qualify in the England World Cup. Finally, a total of 10 teams qualified from Europe, 4 teams from South America, 1 of Asia and 1 from Central and North America. North Korea and Portugal qualified for the first time in the World Cup History and Yugoslavia and Czechoslovakia were not included to participate in the World Cup in England.

There was the same format as was in World Cup 1962 competition and four equal groups were made. 2 points were awarded for a win and 1 for a draw. Equal number of points resulted in the calculation of goal average and the team with greater average would pass through tto the next level. If there was equal score after in the 90 minutes game then there were to be two 30 minutes extra time game play and then the lots were played to determine the match decision excluding the final World Cup match from this criteria.

There was this important incident in the FIFA World Cup history that the Jules Rimet Trophy was stolen and a replica was used that is still present in Preston at the English National Football museum.

There was a big controversy in the first match between West Germany and Uruguay. England Defeated the opponent by 4 goals to Nil and South Americans had this view that it only happened because two of the Uruguay team players were sent out by the Referee. Portugal feared to be getting the same treatment from North Korea when they were two goals behind just after 22 minutes of the game. But the Portugal Supporters were all cheered up when a brilliant performance by Eusιbio provided the team with 4 goal and one added by another English team player.

In the game of Soviet Union and Hungary, USSR was able to score a single goal against two scores from the Hungarian team. The match is known as el robo del siglo in World Cup history for the supreme game play of both Argentina and England. There was only one goal in the match scored by England in the first thirty minutes.
With a larger capacity for crowd the venue for the semifinal between Portugal and England was changed from Goodison to Wembley. Both the goals were netted by Bobby Charlton from English team and Portugal was able to reply with a single goal providing England the Victory in semifinal. Two goals were netted by the West Germany in response to one  goal from the Soviet Union side. Both the Semifinal matches had the score two to one making England and West Germany to proceed to the FIFA World Cup 1966 final match.

There were 98,000 people from all over the world crashed inside the Wembley Stadium to watch the Football World Cup in England. The game started and within 12 minutes Helmut Haller scored for West Germany. England leveled the score by netting the ball into the Germans’ goal just after the 4 minutes of the first goal. In the 78th minute of the semifinal Martin Peters scored for England to affirm the winning position for his team. In the 98th minute of the game, referee provided Germany with a free kick and they scored to level the game. Hurst scored in the extra time to provide the England team win the World Cup title for their country. A total of 11 goals in six games by England set this new record in the World Cup history of most goals average per game by a World Cup winning team. England Being the host made their country proud and everybody was happy to see this all round performance by the English team which made them enlist as a World Cup winners list.

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