1962 Chile World Cup

Written by Sebastien on 13 December 2012. Posted in World Cup History

The 1962 World Cup was the 7th FIFA World Cup and was held from 30th May to 17th June that year. Chile was awarded the opportunity to host the World Cup. The competition in Chile has all the attraction and interesting event to be mentioned in the Football world cup history. The qualification for the tournament started in August 1960 and 14 teams were selected to qualify. The hosts Chile and the defending Champions Brazil were automatically selected to be a part of the World Cup Tournament.
This tournament was also won by the former champions, Brazil, claiming the World Cup tittle for the second time. They defeated Czechoslovakia by 3-1 and became the second team to successfully defend the World Cup. This was the first final stage in which  the concept of the goal average was used in order to decide between the teams of same points.

There were a total of 52 teams who participated in the qualification matches and only 14 of them became a part of the World Cup in Chile in 1962. Out of those 14 teams, there were Colombia and Bulgaria which qualified for the first time in the World Cup history. There were 3 unfortunate teams; France, Sweden and Austria, were unable to qualify for the final stage in Chile.

There was this similar format like the World Cup Tournament 1958. A total of 16 teams with 4 groups and each group having four teams. Winning a match awarded 2 points to the winner and there was a single point to both the teams in case of a draw. The top two teams within each group advanced to the quarter finals. If there was a draw in the number of points of the teams then the decision was taken on the goal average and the team with the highest goal average qualified for the next level competition. The groups with the teams are as follows.

Group 1:
Soviet Union, Yugoslavia, Uruguay, Colombia
Group 2:
Germany FR, Chile, Italy, Switzerland,
Group 3:
Brazil, Czechoslovakia, Mexico, Spain
Group 4:
Hungary, England, Argentina, Bulgaria

In goup 1 match Soviet Union played 3 matched winning 2 with one draw. Yugoslavia also played three matches and winning 2 and losing 1 match. Uruguay won 1 match losing the two others and Colombia could not win a single match while drawing one with Soviet Union.
England and Hungry topped Group 4 while Brazil and Czechoslovakia came out to play for quarter finals from group 3.  From the Group 2 the hosting team and Germany were able to make there way for the next level while Italy and Switzerland could not perform as was expected. Swiss team couldnot win a single match for their country.

‘Quarter finals’ was also a difficult stage to stand on. English team facing the defending champion were only able to net a single goal in response to 3 outstanding shots from the opponents. Hosting team, Chile, was also impressive when they beat USSR with a 2-1 victory. Germany was unable to break the strong defense oh Yugoslavia and could not score a single goal resulting in 1 to 0 defeat. Hungry was also unfortunate with the ball and lost against Czechoslovakia by one goal to nil.

 All the four teams were at their best in the semifinals. The defending ‘champions against the Hosts’ was a thrillingly beautiful match. Chile made some good moves and was able to score two goals. But Brazil was as brilliant as they were and netted 2 goals to level the score and then 2 more to assure their victory over Chile. Yugoslavia could not stand up against the tough defense and strong attack of Czechoslovakia and lost by a score of 3-1.

The final Match of the FIFA World Cup 1962 was held in Santiago's Estadio Nacional. Just like the previous World Cup Brazil again were behind the opponents’ score when Czechoslovakia put the ball into the Brazilian goal just in the 15 minutes of the start of the game. Brazil soon hit back to equalize the score just like they did in the previous World Cup. In the mid of the second half of the World Cup in Chile 1962, Zito and Vava both had the opportunity to affirm the win for Brazil by scoring one goal each. After some good but in vain attacks by Czechoslovakia  the world Cup final whistle was blown and the Match was ended declaring the defending champions, Brazil, to be once again the new World Cup champions of FIFA World Cup 1962. Brazil was also the second team after Turkey which successfully defended the World Cup title for their countery.

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