1950 Brazil World Cup

Written by Sebastien on 08 December 2012. Posted in World Cup History

After the end of WWII, FIFA held its first meeting in Luxembourg in 1946 and decided that Brazil should organize the 4th World Cup Competition. It was Latin America’s turn to host this great tournament, after the 1938 World Cup in France.

Brazilians were also the only candidates to host the celebration of football. And that choice seemed ideal, since the interest in football in this country had reached at a very high level. Also, at the FIFA Congress in 1946 it was also decided that "Jules Rimet Trophy" will be renamed to "Jules Rimet Cup".

For the first time the British countries take part in the qualifying round, who had a very peculiar structure: There were two groups of four teams, one of three and one of only two teams (Uruguay and Bolivia). This happened because there were many unforeseen incidents. India, for example, canceled their participation because their players were not allowed to play barefoot while Argentina did not take participation due to a strike of professional footballers! The winners of each group would enter a new group from which the world champion would come up.

One of the biggest surprises in the history of the World Cup occurred on June 29th, when England lost to the U.S. by 1-0. On the fourth group, Uruguay smashed Bolivia by 8-0 with great player Juan Schiaffino scoring four goals, while Spain and Sweden also qualified from their respective groups.

The 1950 World Cup in Brazil is the only one in history with a final match at all! And this, because of  the rules, when Brazil faced Uruguay, the one point of draw was enough for Brazilians to celebrate the trophy. Brazil was of course the great favorite and 200,000 Brazilians gathered in the "Marakana" to celebrate the victory of their team. There was an absolute certainty about the domination of Brazil in world football and this is shown by the way in which the governor of Rio de Janeiro welcomed the country's players before the game: "You, Brazilian footballers, I regard you as the best in the world. Soon, you will be the World Cup champions. You are superior to any other team and this is why I am now greeting the new world champions."

Unfortunately for him, Brazilians failed to dominate the game and Uruguay won by 2-1. Marakana Stadium looked like a volcano, ready to explode and the celebrations of Uruguayans took place mainly at the “safe” locker rooms.

But there were also some very ugly scenes. After the end of the match, ten people died after a heart attack while being at the stadium. Moreover, hundreds of Brazilians were transported to hospitals with heart attacks the same night. There were also many suicides and thousands of suicide attempts by people that could not believed Brazil failed to lift the World Cup trophy. The disappointment felt by the Brazilians for the loss of the trophy was unprecedented.

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