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1990 Italy World Cup

Written by Sebastien on 06 March 2013. Posted in World Cup History

The 1990 Italy Word cup remains one of the most watched events in History. First of all, Italy is the second country to host the even twice. The event was held between the 8th of June and 8th of July, 1999. For the first time in the World Cup History, 24 countries participated in the event and these teams represented 5 confederations. In total, 12 host cities were involved in Italy 1990 World Cup and 52 matches were played. An incredible goal record of 115 goals was recorded in the competition and a total of 2,516,348 people watched the match live at the various stadia- the first time FIFA will record such a huge viewership of any World Cup.

The 1990 Italy World Cup is the first world cup tournament to be recorded and transmitted in HDTV. On the other hand, there were some poor records that characterized the 1990 world cup competition, for instance, 16 red cards were issued all through the matches played in the tournament. The tournament was won by West Germany, after claiming its third world cup title by defeating Argentina in the final match by 1-0.

Despite the low number of goals scored per match at the 1990 Italy World Cup, the tournament is regarded as the most watched show in history, aside the over 2 million people that watched the matches life, it is on record that about 27 billion non –unique viewers viewed all the matches and it remains one of the most watched world cup by non-unique viewers in history. Following the 1990 Italy world cup, a number of rules were introduced by FIFA; these include the introduction of the back pass rule to discourage teams from deliberately playing for a draw as well as promote a more offensive football game where more goals will be scored.

116 teams initially entered for the game, some countries were disqualified based on some FIFA rules and eventually 22 teams were able to qualify for the final stages. Argentina – the defending champion and Italy the host country were awarded automatic tickets. 1990 world cup was a unique tournament because it was the first time the continent of Africa was represented at the world cup. It was also the first time the number of participating teams was increased to 24.

For the first time in the history of the world cup, about €0.76 billion was spent on renovating existing stadia and building new ones. Italy 1990 world cup also produced some great records- Franz Bechenbauer is the second man in history to lift the world cup as a player and then as the coach of the West Germany football team. For the first time in the history of the world cup, a 38-year old Cameroonian became the oldest man to score in a world cup tournament and his country- Cameroun- became the first African country to reach the Quarter final of a FIFA World Cup.

For the second time in the history of FIFA world cup , all the semi-finalist teams of Italy 1990 were past winners of the tournament- the first time this happened was in 1970 world cup and  the 4 teams that qualified for the semi-finals in Italy 1990 were- Italy, West Germany, Argentina, and England- these teams shared a total of 8 world cup titles between them. It was in the 1990 world cup hosted by Italy that one of the worst matches in history was played- Egypt vs Ireland was the match that ended 0-0 with no single shot fired towards the goal post.

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