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2002 Korea & Japan World Cup

Written by Sebastien on 01 March 2013. Posted in World Cup History

Obviously, the 2002 Korea and Japan World Cup has come and gone, but the trail it left behind is still vivid in our memories. The 2002 Korea and Japan World Cup was, indeed, an epoch-making event in the History of World Cup tournaments. If you can still remember very well, it was the first World Cup tournament that FIFA organized in this century. No doubt, it was amazing. Besides, the tournament was so peaceful and friendly.

Before we forge ahead, I would like to appraise some facts about the particular tournament which will help you see what happened during the organization. The tournament started on 31 May 2002 and was concluded on 30 June 2002 with a hot final match between two world football giants – Germany and Brazil. The tournament featured thirty-two participants among many teams that struggled to qualify the year’s world cup matches. According to statistics, sixty-four matches were played while one hundred and sixty-one goals were scored.

As I mentioned in the beginning of the article, “the 2002 Korea and Japan World Cup was, indeed, an epoch-making event in the History of the World Cup.” It was the first time in history that FIFA allowed two countries to host a World Cup tournament. Moreover, these two countries were from Asia continent, and it was the first time that Asia was given the opportunity of hosting the final stage of a World Cup tournament. It was really unprecedented. Though, before the two countries were chosen by FIFA, Mexico contested the bids with them before they resolved to merge their bids in order to draw the tournament to the Asian soil.

Surely, the 2002 Korea and Japan World Cup tournament brought so many surprises to the world. Although Germany and Brazil played in the final match (Brazil beating Germany by 2-0), many more surprises were recorded than that. The indefatigable France was beaten off in an unforgettable match by Senegal. Apparently, it was unbelievable to the French team the way Senegal mesmerized them in Seoul by 1-0. France had an awful performance in Group A, finishing the whole tournament without scoring a single goal.

Between the two Asian hosts, South Korea was the country that struggled their way up till they were beaten off by the German side by 1-0. Anyway, they were not discouraged. After all they made name in the tournament and also enjoyed a lot of media praises. On the side of Japan, they played well also and kept moving high in the tournament until they were eliminated by Turkey. If you can still remember, that was the first time Turkey was making it again to the finals since 1954.

At last, the two football giants – Brazil and Germany made it till the final match. After a fierce battle in the field, the South American team (Brazil) forced the German machines to succumb for them with unopposed 2-0. The final match really broke the heart of Germans and their mammoth supporters. Brazilians were the side that celebrated, as they carried the cup again and for a fifth time in total.

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